SABER Committees

We welcome your help in the committees that keep SABER running. Please contact the chair of each committee for more information and to volunteer:

Solicits and reviews abstracts submitted for the national meeting. Formal committee charge.  Abstract committee bylaws.

Puts together the national SABER meeting each summer. Formal committee charge.

Reviews and chooses award winners. Formal committee charge.

Current Committee Members: Liz Barnes and Amy Kulesza

Conducts research and assessment in support of SABER’s mission, goals, and Strategic Plan, and acts as the steward of SABER data and information. Formal committee charge. 

Works with the SABER treasurer in fundraising. Formal committee charge coming soon.

Current Committee Members: Kelly McDonald, Michael Moore, Melinda Owens, Emily Grunspan

  • Discipline-Based Education Research: Scholars-in-Training (DBER-SiT) Graduate and Post-Doc Committee - Contact: David Esparza
Organizes around issues of interest to DBER scholars-in-training within SABER. Formal committee charge.

Visit the DBER-SiT Committee Website to find full leadership and sub-committee information.

Works broadly toward ensuring that SABER is more inclusive. Formal committee charge.

Learn more about SABER's current Diversity and Inclusion Efforts.

Current Committee Members: Natalia Caporale , Shayla Shorter, Robert Erdmann, Laura Beaster-Jones, Karen Gonzalez, Katey Cooper, Stacy Ochoa, Beverly Smith-Keiling, Jana Marcett, Linda Green, Pavan Kadandale, Kelly McDonald, Kelly Lane, Joshua Reid, Tanya Josek, Lisa McDonnell, Saumya Sankaran, Marcos Garcia-Ojeda, Sharday Ewell, Jeff Schinske

  • Invited speaker(s) for National Meeting Committee - Contact: Mark Sarvary (chair)

Selects, invites, and hosts speakers for the SABER national meeting. Formal committee charge.

Current Committee Members: Julia Gouvea, Laurel Lorenz, Jackie Washington, Pankaj Mehrotra, Nicole Kelp and Abby Drake

Develops and enacts approaches to mentoring within the SABER community. Formal committee charge coming soon.

Learn more about SABER's Mentoring Efforts.

Current Committee Members: Jennifer Avena, Ryan Dunk, Ash Heim, Lisa Lockwood, Kelsey Metzger, Anita Schuchardt, Katie Southard, Juli Uhl, Abdi Warfa

Designs and maintains SABER website. Formal committee charge.

Current Committee Members: Sayali Kukday (past-chair), Staci Johnson (past-chair), Jessica Merricks (creator of annual meeting archives), Eli Meir (homepage manager), Sloan Almehmi (graduate program directory manager).

SABER is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
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