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    About the Job

    As part of an ongoing effort to increase the presence of the College of Biological Sciences within biotechnology, we have launched the Biotechnology Education Ecosystem to provide innovative new programs that better align to the opportunities of the growing bioeconomy. Realizing the potential of biotechnology will require the pace of innovation in education and workforce development to match the pace of technological innovation, and CBS is uniquely positioned to meet this demand. This position reports to the CBS Dean’s Office, and funding is guaranteed for 1-year only. Work can be completed remotely.

    The primary responsibilities of this position will be to broaden the College of Biological Sciences’ curriculum portfolio by developing two new courses aligned to high priority industry needs, particularly core skills, applicable across biotech sectors. Curriculum development will prioritize undergraduate education, though may be adapted for graduate courses and/or employee workforce development.

    70% - Curriculum development
    ● Develop two biotechnology undergraduate courses (3 credits/course) for the College of
    Biological Sciences; specific course topics will be determined in consultation with collegiate
    undergraduate leadership and faculty
    ● Design dynamic curriculum appropriate for a variety of delivery modes, including in-person, virtual, and hybrid learning opportunities
    ● Contribute to the College’s efforts to actively create a diverse, equitable, inclusive environment by identifying learning opportunities within the curriculum that will broaden participation and access to Biotechnology careers for a student population with diverse backgrounds and lived experiences

    30% - Research and consultation
    ● Consult and collaborate with staff, faculty and leadership within the College of Biological Sciences to assess and understand the biotechnology landscape within the University of Minnesota and College of Biological Sciences
    ● Assess major and degree requirements within CBS and ensure new curriculum content and pedagogy is aligned with CBS major offerings
    ● Source relevant and timely materials to strengthen curriculum delivery, such as articles, videos, site visits, educational tools etc.
    ● Keep current of of the biotechnology landscape in MN, the U.S. and internationally with
    particular attention to the skills and knowledge required for an emerging workforce; incorporate skills based learning as appropriate

    About CBS

    The College of Biological Sciences (CBS) is one of eight freshman-admitting colleges at the University of Minnesota. The College of Biological Sciences is located on both the Minneapolis Campus and the St. Paul Campus, consists of five academic departments (two of which are shared with the Medical School) and houses the Biotechnology Institute (which is co-financed by the College of Science and Engineering). CBS focuses its undergraduate and graduate education and research in the biological sciences, supports evidence-based teaching practices, and encourages multidisciplinary collaborations within and beyond collegiate boundaries. It is one of only two colleges in the country dedicated to the biological sciences, and its students’ academic ranking is the second highest of any college at the University. CBS is currently made up of 2,235 undergraduates, 279 graduate students, 108 postdoctoral researchers, 230 staff and 152 faculty members (including Medical School faculty in the shared departments). CBS is committed to building a culture that values contributions from a variety of perspectives and cultivates inclusion for all of our students, faculty, and staff.

    Interested parties can contact Seth Thompson ( with questions or apply by  visiting 

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