Looking for grants/funding for cadaver lab in 'STEM' center

  • 10/07/2019 2:05 PM
    Message # 7921753

    Hey everyone,

    I'm working with the local YWCA (Central Illinois) to help bring a STEM center to fruition. This is obviously a costly endeavor and we're actively looking for grants we can apply to, or for any relevant funding opportunities.

    So I figured I would see if anyone here has suggestions. Feel free to contact me for further details, but the plans for the center are as follows.

    An unused room in the YWCA is being renovated and outfitted for a STEM center that has three main focuses: cadaver/healthcare lab, big data analytics, and cybersecurity. The center will primarily service local high school and college students, with talk of potentially setting up a mentoring program between the two. Construction is expected to be a sizable portion of the startup expense, as some materials already have been/will be donated. We're looking for funding to help support the construction, other start-up costs, and/or staffing. A handful of grants are being written at the moment and we're in talks with the state to try and receive funding, but any suggestions are still greatly appreciated.

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