Vendor Lunch Demos

Take a meta-moment with colleagues to consider the top challenges you and your students face. Discover how the Codon Learning platform is designed to help instructors and students implement evidence-based teaching and learning strategies. Discuss research findings from Codon student survey and usage data.

Share study strategies for success in biology with your peers and see what Mastering Biology has to help students prepare for general biology and their academic careers in science.  

SimBio’s inquiry-driven teaching tools are popular in biology courses that emphasize experimentation and discovery. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how SimBio’s SimUText System® lets you mix and match SimBio’s interactive tutorial/labs with chapters from an OpenStax Biology e-text to build an inexpensive active-learning replacement for your traditional Intro Bio textbook. We will be happy to brainstorm with participants on their particular teaching challenges!

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