Call for Abstract Reviewers 

SABER Annual Meeting 2023

Dear SABER community,

The 2022 SABER abstract committee is requesting volunteers to serve as reviewers for abstracts for this summer’s meeting which will be held July 20-23.

Step 1: Your email address and name and DBER expertise will be collected through a google form (link below).

Step 2: We will send an invite to the email address you used on the form so that you can fill out your expertise on the CMT website that is used for abstract submission.

This process will allow us to better match the expertise of reviewers with the abstracts.

If interested in serving as a reviewer, please complete this google form by Tuesday, January 31st.

We anticipate that reviewers will be responsible for reviewing between 5 and 7 abstracts, although this number will depend on the number of reviewers and abstracts submitted. We will give you an approximate 2-3 week window in which to complete these starting around February 28th. It is expected that individuals who submit an abstract (or who are advisors of individuals submitting abstracts) will also serve to review others’ abstracts. Creating the best meeting program possible requires that we have an active community willing to donate their time to this effort.

We especially encourage members of the community who have not submitted abstracts but are planning to do so in the future to serve as a reviewer. This is a great educational opportunity. We are hoping to have enough reviewers to provide feedback on posters (even though there is not a selection process for posters) so we really encourage all members of the SABER community, including graduate students, postdocs, and teaching faculty, to volunteer to serve as a reviewer. People new to DBER will be assigned to review posters and roundtables. We will hold 1-2 optional online training sessions (approximately 45 minutes, date to be announced). These sessions will be recorded. If you plan to attend abstract reviewer training, please complete the google form to volunteer as a reviewer today rather than waiting until after your training. The committee is also working to organize the call for abstracts. We anticipate opening submissions for abstracts around February 10th with a submission deadline of February 21.

If there are any questions regarding serving as an abstract reviewer, please do not hesitate to contact usat


2022-2023 SABER Abstract Committee

Anita Schuchardt (Chair)
Lisa McDonnell (Chair-Elect)
Sara Faust
Grant Gardner
Mary Pat Wenderoth
Melissa Aikens
Petra Kranzfelder
Maryrose Weatherton
Jenny Knight

The materials linked above have been carefully prepared by the Abstract Review Committee to answer your questions. Please read them thoroughly. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact

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