Postdoc Position: Evolutionary Medicine Education

  • 10/20/2020 6:24 AM
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    We are accepting applications for a two-year position, in evolutionary medicine education research and development. The person in this position may work remotely from January 1 - June 30, 2021 with the feasibility of remote vs in-person work to be evaluated thereafter. See the link above for full details.

    Review of applications begins Nov 16  

    Overview: Our project aims to design, pilot, and test a set of interactive and integrative instructional materials for introductory biology courses. The materials will be focused on the evolutionary basis of human medical conditions. These materials will facilitate student understanding of human evolution, by exploring health conditions. Many, if not most, students are introduced to evolution in an introductory biology course where the topic is studied in isolation from other content for a very short period of time. Instruction is often based broadly on “natural selection and adaptation”, with connections rarely made to the molecular and/or cellular events involved in evolutionary processes. Unfortunately, this type of treatment is some students’ sole experience studying evolution. As a result, many students do not acquire a solid foundation in basic evolutionary concepts, let alone the tools or examples needed to understand how evolution is applicable to humans. In this project we will build, pilot, and disseminate curricular materials that clarify the evolutionary underpinnings of several human diseases and health conditions. The integrative case curriculum by the Evo-Ed project ( provides a backdrop for the type of curriculum development and integrated nature of the curricular materials we plan to design, pilot, and test here. We intend to explore how engaging in evolutionary medicine curriculum, with ties to the relevant social and cultural contexts, helps students develop a better understanding of both evolution and human medicine.

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