Graduate Student and Post-Doctoral Travel Award

The DBER community is growing and there is need for training the next wave of scholars. We recognize the financial burden that attending conferences can be for early scholars. Therefore, we want to encourage these scholars to attend the SABER meeting and develop a more inclusive community. These travel awards will ideally facilitate the participation of underrepresented scholar and demographic groups as well as foster long term community engagement. Furthermore, a broader impact on the SABER meeting will be through the awardee’s presentations of their research. Awardees will receive free registration to the SABER National meeting and $500 towards travel and accommodations. Applicants will be asked to submit demonstration of financial need, a personal statement regarding contribution to professional development, and a diversity and inclusion statement.

2019 Winners

Gillian Autterson - Eastern Michigan University

Angela Google - Middle Tennessee State University

Hye In (Faith) Hyun - Eastern Michigan University

Staci Johnson - Clemson University

Maura Palacios Mejia - University of California Los Angeles

Alaina Buchanan - University of Northern Colorado

Heidi Horn - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Rebecca Lindow - Eastern Michigan University

Tanya Josek - Illinois State University

Kamali Sripathi - South Dakota State University

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