Reconciling Evolution and Religion

  • 12/03/2019 8:50 AM
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    Reconciling Evolution and Religion


    Come join us for an HHMI-funded workshop at Brigham Young University designed to build bridges between Evolutionary Science and Religion. 


    When:  July 11 – 13, 2019

    Where:  BYU Campus, Provo, UT

    Who:  We invite any faculty members from an institution where students face conflict between religious influences and learning evolutionary science.  We require that participants come in teams of three: 

    1)    A faculty member from a Biology-related discipline who teaches undergraduate students in Biology

    2)    A faculty member from a theology-related discipline who can speak to the predominant faith traditions of students

    3)    A local minister representative of the majority of the student body

    Details:  All travel and lodging expenses will be covered.  Additional stipends may be available for participation in follow-up activities related to the research.  Attendees will be co-authoring a set of learning materials that can be shared broadly and that are specific to a faith tradition that offer students a way to reconcile faith and evolution without promoting or degrading religion.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in the building of video vignettes with the same purpose.


    To register, please visit


    Our Goal:

    Many students struggle with the scientific information presented to them as it may appear confrontational to their religious beliefs. Well-meaning scientists have approached the intersection between faith and science in ways that lengthen the divide between these two ways of interpreting the world.  Ultimately, our goal is to replace these approaches with a ‘Reconciliatory Model’.  To reconcile is to “cause to coexist in harmony”; to “make or show to be compatible”; or to “restore friendly relations between” (Oxford Dictionary, 2017).  We believe that by involving theologians, scientists, and clergy in a combined effort toward a solution, we can create a mutually respectful and highly effective method to help students reconcile these two ways of knowing toward a more scientifically literate society.


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